Spy racing Ltd is the leading UK re-sellers of Spy Racing road legal quads, located in Feltham, West London.

 We stock in excess of 100 quads at any one time. To substantiate our impressive range and levels of stock we have staff members that have high levels of knowledge and understanding of quad bikes. This allows us to supply answers to any question posed by our customers, as well as allowing us to provide an impressive after sales service. Within our warehouses we ensure that in addition to stocking these quad bikes, we also hold all the necessary accessories and spares. We are well on our way to building a network of dealers that will be able to serve our customers across the entire UK. So every customer can have a face to face service from our local representative. If you live in an area in which we don’t yet have a representative, please contact us and we are happy to ensure you receive a high quality service regardless.

Spy Racing Ltd have a great working relationship with Spy racing Ltd in China, the manufacturers of Spy racing road legal quad bikes. They import the quads direct to our factory in Sussex, we are the sole importers of these quads. We work with Spy Racing Ltd in China to create the ultimate road legal quads for the UK. Our work with the manufacturers in China means that the handling of these quads is better for UK roads than many Chinese imported quads.

We have an impressive reputation as distributors of these high quality road legal quads. We have satisfied customers across the UK and are as committed to ensuring customer satisfaction as we are in selling these amazing quads across the UK. Our staff are interested and enthusiastic about quad bikes and happy to answer any question whether you already own one of our quads, or are interested in one, or even if you are just interested in understanding more about them.