Is my quad legal to drive on the road?

All our quads are fully road legal.

Do I require a license to drive these quads?

Yes you do, You would require a full car license or a motorbike license/B1

How many people do the quads carry?

All our quad bikes are full 2 seater. Drive on your own or take a passenger with you.

Should I where a helmet whilst riding my quad?

We strongly recommend you do. Whilst the law does not insist upon this, these quads can reach speeds in excess of many other motor vehicles so as dealers we recommend a helmet to all of our customers.

Where is the best place to get insurance for my quad?

Many companies provide insurance for quads. You can contact bike sure on 08003698580 or email quotes@bikesure.co.uk. For the best possible quotation ring them and use the dealer reference- G3659

How much would my insurance premiuim be?

Of course this will be variable for all, however On average customers can expect to pay between £200-300 per annum.

Do I need to register my Quad bike?

Yes Spy racing quads do require registration. We can complete the registration process for you at a fee of £99. Alternatively we are always happy to provide the necessary paperwork to our customers in order for them to complete their own registration.

Does my Quad require an MOT?

As with the majority of road vehicles your quad will require its first MOT at 3 years of age. Then a yearly MOT is required from this point.

Do the Custom colours cost extra?

Yes, there is an additional £150 charge for custom colours.

What is the Fuel efficiency of the quads like?

This can vary depending on how hard the quad bike is driven. However the average MPG is 60-70mpg for the 250cc range and 50-60mpg for the 350cc range.

Is it legal to drive these quads on the motorway?

The DVLA has not currently disclosed any law’s against this however that is not to say it won’t come into force, our advice is to contact the DVLA prior to taking your quad on the motorway.

Who can service a quad bike?

These bikes ultimately have standard motorbike engines, therefore any qualified mechanic should have no problem provide a service.

What is covered by the warranty?

All parts. Click to see warranty info:

Who will supply spare parts for my quad?

We hold virtually every part required for your quad in our warehouse. On the rare occasion we don’t hold the part in stock, we will be able to order the part in.

How secure is my quad from thieves?

All quads come with an immobilizer, steering lock and alarm as standard. However additional security is recommended i.e. a disc lock.

Can you supply a cover for my quad?

We will be stocking these soon. In the meantime there are many quad bike covers for sale on the web.

After purchasing my quad how and when will it arrive with me?

When a local dealer is involved in the purchase of your quad, they will provide a delivery date. If you order direct from us at the factory, we do deliver countrywide and will only charge the customer a cost equal to that charged to us by the haulage company, typical charge is around £99.

What clothing should I wear when riding my quad?

We advise that all riders wear protective motorcycle clothing and helmet take a look at our quad bike safety page to understand why this is necessary.